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We know that struggle. That pile of games left untouched on your hard drive or your shelf. Conquer the Pile! Don’t quit. Today is June 23rd, 2017 and we are joined by Calli to offer solace, support, and silliness. Steam Sale has come for your wallet! Prepare thyself! Join us as we talk about conquering the Pile of Shame.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Crackdown 3

Far Cry 5

Final Fantasy Fishing

Final Fantasy XIV

Life is Strange

Metro Exodus

Nintendo E3


Rocket League


Tales of Graces f

Tales of Symphonia

Tales of Zestiria

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

The Sims 4

Theme Music: Dawn of Neptune https://soundcloud.com/dawn-of-neptune – The New Uprising



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