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Preparing for Blizzcon: Fan Created Events

Preparing for Blizzcon: Fan Created Events


Coming up in just over 2 weeks is what some consider the most wonderful time of the year for Blizzard fans – or at least those able to attend Blizzcon. As part of a nearly week long celebration of Blizzard games, many fan communities, sites and guilds have set up Kickstarters earlier this year in order to fund events and parties at the Hilton and other nearby hotels.

For those super early arrivals who enjoy a couple of days of relaxation (or possibly extra partying – just remember to please party responsibly!), there is the event DitchCon, in its first year and put on by Pwncast on Wednesday night. A free event at the Hilton Anaheim in their Avalon Ballroom on the first floor, it’s a dance party atmosphere with a DJ, dance off, bartenders and tables for those who prefer to observe rather than partake. If you’re ready to party late into the night, the party will be running 7:30pm to 1am.

Most attendees arrive on Thursday, or at least are ready to party that night after picking up their badges and raiding the in person gear store for loot. Another free event that takes place in the Hilton – this year on the second floor, in California A&B ballrooms across from the Blizzard charity dinner, from 5:30-11pm is Con Before the Storm. While multiple events happen on Thursday every year, the fan funded Con Before the Storm is by far one of the most notable. Beginning in 2013 as World of Podcasts, the event has grown over the last 4 years to include meet and greets with notable personalities from across the Blizzard community, a fan art gallery of over 100 pieces of art spanning all franchises, a photo booth, panels with podcasters and a vendor area with artists from all over selling various wares. With sponsorships from Ask Mr Robot, Jinx and Curse, it’s definitely not a party to miss!

For those who have the energy after the action filled first day of Blizzcon, the Convert to Raid guild is bringing back their Well Played! party in the Hilton for the fourth year, from 7-11pm on Friday night. With prize giveaways throughout the night, and chats with Blizzard developers, it’s definitely a great free event to check out! They also feature two easy to access bartenders with cash bars, a photo booth and a Hearthstone tournament. The party will be on the 2nd floor of the Hilton in California A ballroom.

For more information about the parties as well as other events happening the week of Blizzcon, feel free to check out their respective sites, and the google doc created by Darrie of Method, with a cost breakdown and synopsis of each.  What parties/events are you excited to attend?

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