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Race to the Finish


I know that I’ve been going on and on about how great Nintendo is, but there’s a reason behind my optimistic attitude. Right now, I’m doing my best to smile because Nintendo is in a very awkward situation in the video game universe.

Both Sony and Microsoft are competing against each other. And it’s obvious that the XboxOne and the PS4 are better suited to provide higher-quality video games than Nintendo. And the story behind the Wii U is true: it was rushed. Nintendo knew that their system wouldn’t quite be up to snuff, so they pumped it out. They wanted to get the Wii U on the market before any of the other next gen systems were released. And boy, it was early. Nintendo must have wanted to get their system on the market before the holiday season, so the Wii U hit North America during mid-November in 2012.

Wait. Did I read that right? 2012? The Wii U has been out for ALMOST 2 YEARS. And the must-have game library is verrrrrrrrry slim. The PS4 and the XboxOne came out a full year later, in November 2013, so it’s expected that only a few great games have been released for those systems. But the Wii U is running out of excuses. Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t fantastic games for the Wii U (Pikmin 3, MarioKart8, and Super Mario 3D World to name a few).

But Nintendo needs to step it up because the PS4 and the XboxOne are coming, and they’re coming in hot. It’s always been like that, though: Sony and Microsoft compete with each other to have the best graphics or the most realistic game, and Nintendo is the quirky little brother who doesn’t quite belong at the party, but shows up anyway. While games like Titanfall are coming out for the XboxOne, Nintendo is still just offering forgettable family games.

However, Nintendo seems to be taking a stand against those stereotypes. They are embracing their inner quirkiness. They have loyal fans and followers. And people like me may have Nintendo systems because we don’t want to buy the most real-looking game. We want something that’s fun. So this year at E3, Nintendo blew the pants off of everyone. Not only did Nintendo have the best showing at E3, no one expected anything from them. Nintendo hasn’t done a whole lot in the past few months: Other than MarioKart8 in late-May, Nintendo has been relatively quiet. But E3 showed people why they should buy a Wii U.

If Nintendo hadn’t had one of the greatest E3 showings EVER, they would have been forgotten. They worked so hard to get the Wii U out on the market, but they had nothing to show for it. At least now, Nintendo fans can smile and laugh at the people who haven’t bought a Wii U yet. MarioKart8 should be reason enough to buy the system, but once the new Smash Bros. is released, there will be a very high demand for the Wii U. And if that doesn’t spike sales, then the world will forever see Nintendo as that one video game company that sells poopy family games.

Nintendo has the cutesy graphics while the other two systems look gorgeous and real. It’s almost as if Nintendo isn’t even trying to make their games real-looking. They are taking a different approach to video games. But honestly, that may be a mistake. When you walk into your house after a long day of work and say, “Xbox, on,” and it TURNS ON, that’s the kind of technology people are looking for. The PlayStation Move and the XboxKinect were complete and utter failures, because that’s what Nintendo does. So now the Xbox is doing something that Nintendo doesn’t. The voice control is amazing. It’s futuristic. It makes me want to get an XboxOne.

But I’m waiting. I’m waiting to see the new Super Smash Bros., and I’m waiting for Halo 5. I have an Xbox 360, and I’ll be honest, it was a great buy. First off, I can play Halo, which rocks, but the Xbox 360 also has a great variety of games. Most of the games that I’d recommend would be shooters because I can’t get that fix with a Nintendo system. But that’s what the XboxOne has to do. Along with the voice control, the XboxOne has to do new things.

And thanks to these new gadgets and gizmos, Nintendo has to release some seriously good games in order to keep up with Sony and Microsoft. And maybe we will get more games to add to the Wii U’s must-buy list.

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