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Road to 100: #88 Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Road to 100: #88 Sonic Adventure 2: Battle


I’ve put more hours in this game than I’d like to mention. I played the absolute CRAP out of this game in my younger years. My brother and I would spend all day- from sunrise to sunrise- playing Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

But after I started keeping track of my Beaten Games, I realized that I’d never actually completed the storyline. Aside from the billions of hours that I’d spent playing it, I’d never beaten it. HOW?

Then I figured it out. My brother and I played with the Chaos (not to be confused with the word chaos) Chaos–ya know, those cute little dudes that you can train? Yeah, we made SO many of those little guys.

But I digress. As it turned out, I’d never beaten it. So after playing Sonic Advance 3, I was warming back up to Sonic. He’s had some blunders in his recent games. But his older games can’t be as bad as those new ones, right?chao

WRONG. I think my memory must be broken or something because Sonic Adventure 2: Battle is by NO means a ‘good’ game. The controls are wonky, the camera has a life of its own, the voice acting is abysmal, and don’t even get me started on the plot.

So I played through the entire story, and at the end, I can’t tell you a single thing that happened. I know that Dr. Eggman (Robotnik) is a bad dude, and near the end of the game, apparently Sonic and his buddies team up with Dr. Eggman and his cronies.

Somewhere in there, an giant evil BioLizard thing is taking over a spaceship. Seriously. That actually happens. I can’t follow the story at all. I can’t even figure out the controls. I can’t tell you how many times I just fell through the ground- and fell to my death.

And once you die, it’s impossible to get A-rank and in order to 100% this game, you need to get a LOT of A-rankings. So eff it. I’m not 100%-ing this game.

In all, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle serves better as a memory than as a video game. When I remember this game, I remember having hours and hours of fun with my brother. But when I played through it again, it just felt awful. I never felt comfortable with the controls and it had me wondering why I wasn’t playing a ‘good’ game.

Speaking of which, I need a recommendation for a ‘good’ Sonic the Hedgehog game because the last two haven’t impressed me.

#88. Done.

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