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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Bananaman

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Bananaman

By June 2, 2012 Pulp Non-Fiction No Comments

Every Saturday on d20crit.com, we journey back in time for some 80s nostalgia and remember a cartoons of old. So grab some Fruity Pebbles and come take a trip down memory lane – this week: Bananaman!

Eric Twinge, a nerdy schoolboy who lives at 29 Acacia Road, lives a double life. Whenever Eric eats a Banana he turns into a superhero because Eric is Bananaman! His arch-enemies include General Blight, Dr Gloom and the alien King Zorg and his army of Nerks. Never too far away is his wise-quipping friend Crow, who always has a banana on hand for that extra boost of strength, while his love interest, Fiona the newsreader, provides him with updates of happenings around the world enabling him to be “ever alert for the call to action!”

The series began as a comic strip in Nutty, an English comic, and later moved to The Dandy. In 1983 the cartoon show began its run on the BBC and later shown on the Nickelodeon channel in the USA. It never really took off Stateside with the cult follow it has over the pond, perhaps due to the time slot or maybe due to its very British in its style, humor and setting.

There were some subtle differences between the comic and the cartoon. Eric’s last name was Wimp in the printed format and his hairstyle saw a change. Fiona (who didn’t feature in the strip) was actually based on journalist Selina Scott who has worked with BBC, Sky and ITV networks. Dr Gloom, as you will see from the episode below, really has a Peter Lorre feel to his character both in the art style and the voice.

The great Bill Oddie provided his vocal talents along with Graeme Garden and Tim Brooke-Taylor and you can even watch episode one online here:

The 30th anniversary DVD is now available from Amazon and, although this is a UK produced disc, it is region 0 encoded.

All 3 series – 40x 5 minute episodes – are included and it is definitely worth every cent. Become a fan of soft fruit and order a copy today!

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