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Star Wars: Attack Squadrons Announcement Trailer

star wars attack squadrons 1

Oh my. Don’t get overly excited… this is, shocking. While, on paper, the game sounds like it has great potential, the trailer feels a little… half-assed and shows a game in development that has a long way to go to give us some real promise. Now, don’t get me wrong, maybe the game will be awesome – but the trailer is TERRIBLE! Dodgy sound clips taken from the movie and shaky graphics… After the promise of awesome that Star Wars: 1313 gave us, this is looking like such a letdown for the franchise. Please, Area52, prove me wrong… 

We’ll be tackling this on the next episode of A Bit of Geek and Nerdery.

Features of the Game

• Intense PVP Action: Battle online in 3 PVP game modes

– Free For All: Fight for glory in 16 players death matches.
– Team Dogfight: Join a team and decimate the enemy team.
– Base Defense: Defend your base or coordinate an attack on your enemy’s base.

• Ship Customization: Upgrade and personalize your ships as you collect and modify them to your own especifications.

• Team Play: Team up with your friends and develop a community of Starfighter Pilots.

• Rewards: Earn points after successful matches to unlock new items and upgrades.

• Regular Updates: New ships, items and upgrades every month.

Star Wars fans can sign up now for a chance to participate in the closed beta at www.starwars.com/attacksquadrons with the first play session beginning early 2014. But right now, this feels like an alpha test, and you know how we feel about those! 😉

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN0D8TU_TVE’]

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