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The Horadric Texts, Volume 2:  The Renegades and the Creation of Sanctuary

The Horadric Texts, Volume 2: The Renegades and the Creation of Sanctuary

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The Worldstone was gone, and neither demon nor angel knew what had happened to it.  All they knew was that it was suddenly gone from Pandemonium, and no one could find it.

The Eternal Conflict had, at this point, been raging for millennia and, as is wont to happen, some of the combatants grew tired of the endless war.  Foremost of these was the archangel Inarius.



“They call me a hero.  I slew demons beyond count.  I won battles and broke sieges, that avail me nothing.  I know this war can have no victor, only an eternity of revenge, pride, and hatred.  Tyrael does not understand.  He cannot see beyond the glory of battle.  In time, he may.  But that day is not yet here.”

During his time in the High Heavens, Inarius served as an adviser to the Angiris Council, serving under the command of Tyrael.  However, after centuries of combat, Inarius realized that the war was unjust and never going to end, and he sought to free himself from it.  Inarius tried to convince Tyrael to see his perspective, but the Archangel of Justice either could not or would not.  So Inarius decided to take the matter into his own hands.  He went forth and sought out any who might hold similar beliefs.  This group of angels charged out of Pandemonium and into battle, hoping to escape the fray and find someplace where they could rest.  However, his force was attacked, and Inarius was wounded, knocked out, and captured.
When he awoke, Inarius was bound in chains.  He was imprisoned by a female demon named Lilith, the daughter of Mephisto, and it was to her that he ranted and raved about freedom and his desire to be free of the Great Conflict.  Much to his surprise, Lilith – instead of torturing him- freed him.  Fortunate indeed was Inarius, who had managed to be captured by a demon who was equally tired of the war (and her father) and had been actively seeking an opportunity to rebel against him and the demonic hosts.  The pair joined forces and gathering their like-minded followers, escaped.  In that time, Inarius and Lilith fell in love.

inalilThat was the point at which they formulated their plan.  To this day no one knows how, but the angelic and demonic renegades, led by Inarius and Lilith, managed to steal into Pandemonium Fortress.  Once there, they used their power to shift either the Worldstone’s frequency or its dimensional alignment.  Whatever they did, the Worldstone vanished from the senses of both angels and demons.  It, in fact, disappeared from Pandemonium all together, and the renegades went with it – an act that stalled the Eternal Conflict for a short period of time as angels and demons both frantically began to search for the missing Worldstone.  The Worldstone transported itself and the renegades to a pocket universe, and Inarius and Lilith set about creating a world for the renegades to live on.  With the Worldstone secreted away in this small dimension, it could not be located by either the angelic host nor the demonic forces.  For now, the renegades were safe.   In order to keep the Worldstone safe and hidden, Inarius built a chamber around it.  He shaped it out of stone and metal and called this structure Mount Arreat, which served as the foundation for a world, crafted with both angelic and demonic power, that Inarius and Lilith called Sanctuary, and there the angels and demons managed – somehow – to live in peace.  Sanctuary was the first- and only- stable world created.  Since it combined both angelic and demonic power, it possessed a balance previously created worlds simply did not have.


As the angels and demons became accustomed to living and working together, eventually they bonded in pairs, and soon, Sanctuary was not simply the home of the renegades, but their children as well.  The product of these unions became known as the Nephalem… but that is a story for another time.

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