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The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing

By September 17, 2014 Tabletop & Video Games No Comments

I know that every article on the front page of IGN or Video Game Weekly or the New York Gamer is about Destiny, but I’m going to throw one more Destiny article into that endless sea. Though, I don’t know if my article will fit in with the others. My article doesn’t play nice.

First of all, you have to know that Destiny is a Bungie baby. It’s Bungie’s attempt to remain a big name in the video game world now that they are separated from the famed Halo franchise. So, if Destiny flops, say bye-bye to Bungie. Because, let’s be honest, Halo is doing just fine without Bungie. They’re still selling like hot cakes, and Halo 4 is still a must-have for the Xbox360. Destiny needed to kick butt in order to sustain Bungie.

Destiny has been in the works for a long while. We heard about the Halo-Bungie split a loooooong time ago. And Bungie has been essentially working on Destiny that whole time, or so I assume, so after all of that time, I was expecting a crazy awesome game.

Okay. Maybe I didn’t have my ear to the ground or whatever, but I had ZERO idea that Destiny was going to be an MMO. I thought that I was buying a Halo clone game because in all honesty, that would have kept Bungie afloat, at least for a little while. But when I unwrapped Destiny and turned it on, I was shocked. I had actually done my best to avoid reading anything on Destiny before it came out. I wanted every aspect of the new game to be a surprise. And boy, was it a surprise. Rather than buying a story-driven first-person shooter, I bought an MMO. I had to wait a few days before that shock wore off.

To be honest, I didn’t like Destiny at first. I wanted Bungie to do what Bungie does best: Halo. I wanted a new HUGE story and multigame campaign, but I got something else and I had to come to terms with my new game. I can safely say that it took a couple of days, but I’ve finally come to terms with it.

I love it. I love Destiny. I’m not the biggest MMO fan, but Bungie did it right. But before I dive into why it rocks, I want to talk about my qualms. I know that any game by Bungie is surrounded by a haze of hype. I mean, look at my past articles, for instance – they’re riddled with Destiny hype.

But it didn’t live up to the hype for me. If this game ad just come out on its own, no hype, it would have been amazing. Amazing. I’m not saying the hype make Destiny a lesser game per se, but I definitely expected more from this game because of the hype. After playing the beta, I thought there would be a lot more customization. I kind of feel like I’m playing some weird, FPS hybrid of Halo and World of Warcraft. Honestly. The game teases you with these SWEET items and armor that can only be achieved after reaching level 20. And that takes a while. It’s almost like you can’t fully experience the game until you’ve logged 25 hours in it. There are a ton of people to talk to in the main city, but only five or so can actually help you. The rest of them are like, “Oh… You’re not level 20 yet. You suck.” But those are just a few small, personal issues I have.

Overall, Destiny ROCKS. This game is so sweet. The worlds (yes, plural) are so expansive. Sometimes, you go back to places that you’ve been before. It all seems familiar. But then, you take a left instead of a right, and you find yourself in a forgotten part of the city and then the bad guys come pouring out. The gameplay seems to try to remind us that Bungie made this game. Bungie, the creative masterminds behind Halo. Remember them? Right? They made this. I honestly forgot that I wasn’t playing Halo. Everything is so smooth: the graphics, the controls, the level design. In hindsight, it makes sense that Bungie invested this much time into Destiny. This game is big. And because it’s a mass multiplayer online, the storyline is virtually endless. There’s the potential for constant DLC for levels, upgrades, you name it. Destiny will be a cash cow for Bungie for years to come. And thanks to the constant stream of income, maybe Bungie will consider coming out with something completely different from the games that we have come to expect from them.

My final verdict: One thing is for sure – Destiny is worth buying. It’s a must-have for whatever platform you prefer. It’s fun solo, with friends, whenever. The multiplayer has potential, and Bungie will surely work the kinks out soon.

But ladies and gentleman, this is the game that we’ve all been waiting for. Say goodbye to your social life.

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